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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  December 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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chris maathuis will join us live from the m-g-m with a break down of the big fight... which was over before it started. /// "now, nevada's first choice for news. this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) > thanks for joining us. i'm sharie johnson. former county commissioner tom collins is facing some trouble. sources tell 8-news-now he was arrested last night... for driving under the influence. this comes just months after he abrutly resigned from the county commission. according to the booking records at the clark county detention center... a 65- year-old named clarence weldon collins was arrested for d-u-i 8:00 last night. our i-team says clarence weldon is collins' legal name. we left a voicemail with the former commissioner but he has not responded. collins abruptly resigned his family matters. and shortly after resigning... collins annonced he planned to run for mayor of north las vegas
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((sharie johnson)) and this isn't collin's first run in with the law. back in 2012... he fired a gun at a tree on his property in north las vegas... he pled guilty to disturbing the peace in that case. and later that same year... his bull got loose and hit a woman who tried to corral him. /// sharie johnson > at the same time the news comes of tom collins arrest for d-u-i... safe road advocates are urging drivers not to get behind the wheel after drinking this holiday season to prevent tragedy from striking. 8 news now's mauricio marin joins us live with just how serious the problem is. and what some are doing to stop more deaths because of drunk drivers. ((mauricio marin)) the holiday season can be dangerous on the road when people choose to drive after drinking at a party or gathering. we've already surpassed the number of road deaths in 20-15 than we saw last year. alcohol played a factor in many of those crashes. so safe road advocates are urging people to find other ways to get home after a night of
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(( )) ((sandy heverly/stop dui: "the carnage that we see from this is so senseless because it's preventable." )) ((mauricio marin)) the holiday season is something many people looked forward to. at the same time though...sandy heverly with the group stop d-u-i...worries about more lives being lost because of drunk drivers. (( sandy heverly/stop dui: "sometimes i feel people lose perspective on how violent this crime is and how serious this crime is." )) ((mauricio marin)) she's seen firsthand the devastation victim's families are left to deal with when someone is killed because someone drank then drove. so heverly urges people to take a cab or choose someone to drive that won't be drinking. ((sandy heverly/stop dui: "the designated driver is the sober person not the one whose had the least amount to drink." )) ((mauricio marin)) on average--heverl y says a driver gets behind the wheel 87 times while under the influence before they're ever caught for the first time. she says it only takes one drink to lead to potential tragedy. ((sandy heverly/stop dui: "the first drink that one drink starts the imperment process. it starts the imperament of your
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and reaction times has certainly strated the imerpament process." )) ((mauricio marin)) as people get ready to celebrate the holidays with friends and family...heverly asks people to think about the safety of everyone before getting behind the wheel. ((sandy heverly/stop dui: "we want zero fatalities we don't want anyone to suffer the senseless pain and grief and sorrow and all the suffering that goes along with something like this." )) ((mauricio marin)) a new law went into effect this year charging drivers with a felony if they flee from the scene of a crash involving someone getting seriously hurt. which could land someone behind bars for up to 20 years. reporting live...mauricio marin. 8 news now./// ((sharie johnson)) > a man is killed... after being thrown from a car during a crash in the west valley. it happened on spring mountain near decatur around 11-30 last night. according to metro... a car was backing out of a driveway... when it was hit by another car. investigators say 51 year old
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was not wearing a seatbelt. they say he was thrown from the car and pronounced dead at the scene. three other people were hurt in the collision... but all are expected to survive. this is the 118th traffic realted death in metro's jurisdiction this year. /// ((sharie johnson)) > we have a chance of rain tomorrow. let's get a first check of your forecast with ashley conroy. ashley conroy > we're expecting a chance of showers that could move into our area tomorrow night... these clouds we see in northern california and nevada will move down into our area over the sierra's and potentially cause some fairly dicey weather by tomorrow afternoon. we're also under a wind advisory... in both nye and clark counties... our advisory will last until 5-am and until four in the can expect later in the newscast sharie. ............................... ((sharie johnson)) > the most
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lived up to all the hype chris maauthius is live at the m-g- m... with how it all went down. ((chris maathuis)) fight fans have been waiting months for this fight finally tonight conor mcgregor beach jose aldo for the featherweight crown fighters didn't get into the octagon until 950 aldo was a slight favorite here's a hint at what happened this past fall macgregor said it'll be over before you know it. they don't call him mystic mac for nothing 13 seconds into the
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so 13 seconds into the fight the champ was down fastest knockout in ufc title fight history that's five straight knockouts for macgregor just the sixth fighter to accomplish that after the fight connor said it was precision and power all the loses his first bite in a decade says he wants a rematch and says he will be back with the win because you fight frankie at your next or do they do an immediate rematch by the way connor joins ronda rowsey on the cover of the new ea sports game sharie johnson > it's touted as a historic agreement...
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emissions. what 200- countries have agreed to do... in hopes of saving planet earth from climate change. /// and it's an incredible outcome... to a very scary accident. the big... heavy object which crashed through one driver's windshield. ///
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this worldwide plan to combat climate change. nearly 200 countries agreed to fight global warming by limiting greenhouse gas emissions... during a climate change summit in paris. they pledged to switch from burning oil, coal and gas to clean and renewable energy sources like solar power in the decades to come. (( president obama, "today we can be more confident that this planet is going to be in better shape for the next generation, and that's what i care about. i imagine taking my grandkids, if i'm lucky enough to have some, to the park some day and holding their hands and hearing their laughter and watching a quiet sunset, all the while knowing that our work today prevented an alternate future that could have been grim. )) ((sharie johnson)) the plan calls for the global average temperature rise to be held to less than three-point-six degrees fahrenheit... and even lower if possible. while some argue the pact doesn't go far enough....
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the u-s and other countries too much. the deal still needs to be ratified by individual governments before taking effect. /// wrapped up another day of scouring a lake... massacre investigation. investigators believe the shooting suspects dumped some evidence in the lake... which is not far from where they attack. for the third day now... dive teams with the f-b-i and local police searched the body of water for a computer hard the suspects. the divers were seen bringing several items to the surface... but the fbi has made no comment on what they found. /// sharie johnson > burning man... takes on a tax which could cost it millions of dollars. the reason festival organizers say it shouldn't apply to them. /// and we're wishing happy birthday to ole blue eyes. just how old frank sinatra would have been today...
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"now, nevada's first
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an extremely close call. take a look at this. according to firefighters... the man in this s-u-v was driving on an interstate in san jose california yesterday... when a metal ramp fell off a truck. it then crashed right through his windshield! amazingly... the driver was able to pull to
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the car. get this... he walked away with just a scratch. /// ((sharie johnson)) > burning man organizers are challenging a tax that could cost them millions of dollars. festival officials sent a letter to the department of taxation... saying burning man should be exempt from the recently amended tax on live entertainment. they argue... the tax shouldn't apply to them because they are not a provider of live entertainment. according to the attorney for burning man... the 9 percent tax would total nearly 3-million dollars. organizers say they are postponing setting 2016 ticket prices until they hear back from state officials. /// ((sharie johnson)) > it's time to toast ole blue eyes. frank sinatra would have turned 100- years-old today. the iconic performer took the stage here in las vegas for 43-years. many credit sinatra as the star
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entertainment capital of the world. the 9- time grammy winner died in 1998 at the age of 82. /// toss to ashley for weather ashley conroy
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wind advisory by tomorrow afternoon -- so you'll also want to watch out for any blowing dust around the valley -- a much bigger deal for those high profile vehicles and motorcycles... we could also get some showers in later tomorrow night... and expect these weather changes to bring in colder temps later this week... ............................. looking at this future radar map... look at this weather system moving into our can see that green on the radar indicating rain in las vegas... right now -- 53 on the strip - henderson you're at 50 -- seven hills you're down in the 40's already for tonight. kyle canyon getting cold at 28 degrees. ........................ wind advisory coming in tomorrow
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high profile vehicles and motorcycles be extra careful when driving around... also watch out for blowing dust -- not good for folks with allergies or asthma, but also not good for driving around... we could possible rain showers... and those temps dropping off into the 40's later on this week. ................................ looking at our future cast -- you can just see these storms moving through our area -- except some potential rain even here in valley and of course those high winds. ............................... tonight... getting cooler -- 41-degrees, normal high at 39 -- winds relatively calm still coming from the north west -- at 6 - 11 mph... tomorrow -- right around average at 56 -- mostly sunny skies... but we can expect those winds to coming later in the afternoon and potential showers to pick up tomorrow night. ............................... here's our 7-day forecast... upper 50's for the high tomorrow -- tuesday - getting colder at just 50 - degrees -- wear extra layers if you can.. then it gets even colder on tuesday and wednesday -- highs only in the 40's... and look at this -- it even hits
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sure to bring those pets inside, cover any plants, and of course those pipes. > ((sharie johnson)) secretary of labor tom perez came to town to stump for hillary clinton this week. he visited the culinary union... which hasn't endorsed any candidate because union reps say no candidates are doing enough to push for a bill to repeal the affordable care act's cadillac tax. politics now co-host steve sebelius asked perez... if there's any chance president obama would sign such a bill if it made it to his desk.: (( tom perez/secretary of labor: "he is not going to get a clean bill, so that to me is a hypothetical question that has zero chance of coming to fruition. )) ((sharie johnson)) more from that conversation... plus our face off panels weighs in on the special session.. and if the school choice bill should be included. that's all happening sunday night at 5:30 on politics now.
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sharie johnson > u-n-l-v takes on u-c riverside. chris maathuis has all the highlight from the m-g-m... plus more on the excitement surrounding the big u-f-c fight. /// "now, nevada's first choice for news.
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194. chris maathuis joins us again from the m-g-m with more
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riverside from the big west conference... unlv looking to slam dunk the highlanders derrick jones with the flush, 16-12 unlv.
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src arena... seats about 25 hundred fans... that's what it's come to for unlv. feel sorry for byu...
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jerome seagears with the basket.. it's 16-12. two schools haven't met since 2010... but used to play back in the 1960's.. rebels are 12-1 lifetime going into this one. that's derrick jones with the slam. rebels have a ton of talent and they're a third of the way into the season. unlv led by... at the half.. 2nd half.. it was.... final /// it's the 44th annual lions all star game... top seniors from the sunrise and sunet regions battling for braggin' rights. it was sunrise going to work...isiah macklin from green valley sets up his teams' first score. sunset fans looking for something to cheer about. won't find it on this play.. legacy's tonoa alpati gets the ball stripped and tayjean thomas from basic recovers for six. it's now 21- nothing in the second quarter... sunrise gets on the board... the long pass is tipped and caught by las vegas wildcats jose perez... but in the end it was too much sunrise... they go on to win it 35-14... sunset is making progress.. last year they got beat
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for those wondering what the latest is with the nhl and bringing hockey to las vegas. businessman bill foley sent a letter out to all those who put up a deposit for season progress... he says the nhl reaffirmed expansion is possible for the 2017-18 season. thought this sentence was a telling sign that he's working hard.. he says while a timetable for next steps has not been established, please know he says, my team and i are working diligently to ensure we're prepared for a positive outcome. he goes on to say he's still committed.. thanks everybody for their support and patience... and wishes everybody a happy and safe holiday season. sharie johnson > bringing cheer to those in need this holiday season. the events helping kids across the valley...
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this is 8 news nowand many people in the valley are in need. that's why metro and clark county school district police worked to stuff the bus. it's a toy drive... to benefit students at title 1 schools. these schools tend to have a high number of kids on free or reduced lunch programs. last weekend... officers collected more than 2-thousand donated toys. and today... they got even more at the target on decatur and 2- 15. at least a dozen officers volunteered to come out on their
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come out on their day off... to do their part in helping kids who may not otherwise get any presents... have a little bit happier day. ((sgt. andrew saavedra/metro police: "it's all about the kids, and it's nice to see a lot of people from the public and the las vegas community come out here and donate to a good cause.")) ((sharie johnson)) officers hoped to collect about 3-thousand toys today. while they didn't have a final count at the end of the day... they said they think they're close to their goal. the toys were dropped off at local schools tonight... and they'll be handed out in the coming days. /// sharie johnson > thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. for news anytime, just go to las vegas now dot com.
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